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Andre Saulnier: Perfectly Flawed EP

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Andre Saulnier: Perfectly Flawed EP available November 24th, with launch at Plan b lounge November 23rd

Perfectly Flawed, the second EP from singer-songwriter Andre Saulnier, will be released November 24th, 2017. Following up his 2014 debut, The Man on the Wall, this 6 track recording features all the hallmarks of Saulnier's music: emotional vocal performances, introspective lyrics, and intricate guitar work.

The launch event – on November 23rd at the Plan b bar lounge in Moncton, NB – will feature an unforgettable performance of the new EP alongside fan favorites. Attendees can also expect new, exciting, yet-to-be released material, and a few surprises. Physical copies of the EP will be available at the launch, arriving in local stores and your favorite digital platforms the following day.

The EP, recorded in 2016 at Red Loft studio, picks up where the previous release left off. Perfectly Flawed is a deeper emotional exploration of the psychological warfare and trauma of broken relationships. The themes of the EP reflect upon the struggle to breakthrough the challenges of daily life. Bathed in layers of strings and strong emotional performances, Perfectly Flawed is sure to move new audiences and fans alike.

1. Overture
2. The Girl in the Swivel Dress
3. Perfectly Flawed
4. Like Birds, We Flew Into the Night
5. Show Me the Way Home
6. Hole in my Shoe