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Annual Profile Review, Government Export Funding, and more

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Twice a year FACTOR reviews all artist and applicant profiles in our system and reassigns artist and applicant ratings. The next profile review deadline is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Clients should log in to and verify that the information provided in their artist profile and applicant profile is accurate and up to date. 

We suggest reading through the Artist Profile Additional Information Guide prior to beginning your artist profile update to ensure you have all necessary documents and information ready to go! 

All Eligible Music Companies who wish to retain or improve their company rating must fully update their profiles in advance of the review deadline. This includes providing all data in support of qualifying criteria, such as artist rosters, qualifying releases, and gross revenues as applicable. 


We have added a lower tier to the Comprehensive Music Company Program and created an opportunity for select Record Labels rated 2 or 3 to apply for one or more projects through that program, rather than going through the Juried Sound Recording Program. Twenty-five labels that meet FACTOR’s criteria for Record Label 2 or 3 will be selected to participate. This will be based on revenue performance from their most recent fiscal year. To be considered, applicant labels MUST ensure all of their qualifying criteria (including revenue, financial statements, and discographies) are updated before the Annual Review deadline (Tues Feb 28 2017).

Eligible Music Companies rated 2, 3 and 4 may apply for the new Support for Eligible Music Companies Program. This program comprises funding for business development and business travel, to an annual combined maximum of $20,000 for eligible companies rated 3 and 4; and $7,500 for eligible companies rated 2. There will be only one deadline in 2017-2018 for the business development component, on April 27th, 2017; and rolling deadlines throughout the year for business travel. 

*Guidelines for both of these programs will be published shortly*

Export Activities

As of January 2017, the Government of Canada has increased the annual allocation to Export activities, including international tours and showcases under the New Musical Works program, and Export showcases under the Collective Initiatives program for this and next fiscal year.

For those eligible artists and their representatives who are planning tours and showcases outside of Canada in the winter of 2017 or the early spring, additional funding may be available to assist you.  If you are interested, please contact your Project Coordinator immediately.

For those organizations who have committed to or are developing Export Showcases in the winter or early spring of 2017 and are eligible to apply for Collective Initiatives support, you can contact Evelyn Cream, the Collective Initiatives manager at FACTOR as soon as possible. Please consult the component guidelines for Showcase Production for Export-Ready Artists for further information.


FACTOR jurors help determine which artists receive funding to record and release full-length records, and to develop their careers. 

Who can become a juror?

  • anyone who is Canadian, and
  • has at least 5 years' professional experience in music, radio, or related industries.

It's an excellent way to...

  • discover new artists
  • understand our process
  • improve future applications
  • give back to the community

For more information on becoming a juror visit the Jury section of our website.