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Artist Development & Juried Sound Recording Deadline!

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Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording Deadline - September 28th 2017
The next deadline to apply to the Artist Development OR the Juried Sound Recording program is Thursday September 28th at 11:59pm PST. 

You MUST have a rated Artist Profile and a rated Applicant Profile prior to applying to either program. If you do not currently have rated profiles, the absolute last day to submit your profiles and receive a rating in time to apply isSeptember 21st at 11:59pm PST.

Ensure you have read the guidelines of the program to which you wish to apply before submitting your application. You can access the Program Guidelines for both Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording below:

Artist Development Guidelines

Juried Sound Recording Guidelines


Clients are no longer required to re-enter information about each budget line on the website. The Cost Report will suffice as the completion budget. This streamlining will significantly reduce the time it takes to submit a completion and also make it easier for staff to review completions. Click here to review our Completion Guide

The application budget process has been changed to mirror the completion budget process. Instead of filling out each budget line in the portal, a spreadsheet template titled Application Budget, will be available for download on the Budget tab. This spreadsheet must be uploaded with your application, and will serve as your budget for the component application. This spreadsheet is a simplified version of the Cost Report that will be required at completion.