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Boardwalk Seeks Community Votes for Stage Refurb

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North Market Wharf Cultural Association Seeks Community Votes for Stage Refurbishment

Tuesday, October 18, 2016, Saint John, NB – Since 1788, North Market Wharf has been the city’s public waterfront space – where local served local. Merchants from across the Bay of Fundy brought their goods and wares to this space to traders from across the street, and across the world over to barter, haggle, gossip, and exchange goods for their families and communities throughout the region. At the turn of this century, the space has reimagined itself and has taken a new interpretation as it returned to its origins.

If Uptown Saint John is the heart of the city, then Market Square is its aorta; and, to play along with the metaphor then, the Inside Connection is its veins. Connecting a waterfront stage and arena; two multi-sport facilities; dozens of locally owned shoppes with internationally known brands and local products alike; two five-star hotels; multiple award-winning restaurants and pubs; our city hall; two national news outlets; international bank institutions and brokerage firms; thousands of heated parking spaces; three office towers with leading corporate, legal, telecommunications, and insurance firms, to name a few; and, the oldest market in the nation - this anchor has earned being bestowed as the lifeblood of the city.

This space where locals connect with neighbours and international visitors alike has come full circle. This time, the waterfront commodity is the vibrant arts&culture that pulses from what is locally known as the Boardwalk. “We applaud the vision of growth in our city; particularly, for our waterfront space of the Loyalist Plaza Capital Campaign. Pairing this stage refurbishment with the celebration of the legacy of Canada 150 as phase one of the full-scale development - along with the long-term goals of continuing to raise the bar with programming - is how we envision turning the conceptual future into the tangible today”, says Stephany Peterson, Director of the North Market Wharf Cultural Association.

With this approaching milestone for the nation, the not-for-profit organization, North Market Wharf Cultural Association, set its sights on celebrating the upcoming sesquicentennial with a meritorious legacy: a revitalized outdoor stage for our waterfront. Having been awarded the 2016 Faces of FUSION Community Building Award, the momentum has been building, and the recent selection as a national first-round finalist for the Aviva Community Fund is a welcomed opportunity to support efforts to position our city as a leader in arts&culture infrastructure and programming.

Welcoming consistent world-class entertainment to our waterfront, while maintaining the focus on supporting local, is the spirit of what this space has represented for centuries. The community can express its support for the project by participating in an online vote, available by a simple registration process at, and continues until Thursday, October 28. Those interested in becoming involved beyond voting, please attend the informal Information Session Thursday, October 20th 4pm-5pm at McGill’s. “This will allow for you to be literally and figuratively in the midst of the project and have the vision shared for this stage refurbishment”, says Peter Stoddart, President of the Association.