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Caleb Graysen Releases Third Single, "Sugar Daddy"

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Caleb Graysen has just released his brand new single called "Sugar Daddy" October 12, 2017. This is Caleb Graysen's third world wide release. It is available on all major digital distributors such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, Soundcloud and many more sites around the world. This is said to be Caleb's last single before releasing his new album, "Free" in November. Caleb says, "I am very proud of the progress I've made up to this point. I know it's a slow climb when you are just starting out in the music industry. I released my first single in July, which seems forever ago. I'm still getting my name out there, but regardless the quality of my music has always been made to compete with the big boys and major label releases. I believe if the quality of music is there, the talent and the dedication. It really doesn't matter where you come from. Anyone can make it big. You just have to push aside the negativity and do it." Sugar Daddy is one of Caleb Graysen's more upbeat songs that he has released, Caleb says his new single incorporates more than one genre of music. "I like to mix certain elements together and create unique sounds for my fans. I've always wanted my music to stand out from the rest." You can keep on expecting more hits from recording artist Caleb Graysen, you can connect and stay up to date with him and all his music @CalebGraysen on social media.