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Caleb Graysen's New Album "Not Worth Saving"

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Caleb Graysen's debut album "Not Worth Saving" will be available world wide for digital purchase in over 150 online stores on December 1, 2017. The new album will also be available for streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud and other streaming sites. Physical CD's and Vinyl will be made in the new year which will be stocked in local shops around Moncton and possibly outside New Brunswick, for more details on physical copies, announcements and future shows follow Caleb on social media @CalebGraysen. Caleb has released three singles so far this year and has many people in anticipation for his debut album. Caleb's album, "Not Worth Saving" has a total of 10 tracks adding up to almost 40 minutes of music. The album was written, produced, recorded, edited and mixed by Caleb, showing that his talents aren't just the vocals alone. Caleb says the vibes for his album were intended to be very ambient, cinematic, and dynamic but still having that urban r&b sound. His new studio album "Not Worth Saving" is just the beginning Caleb says, he plans on keeping new music coming often, and is already working, writing and building a new studio for his new projects. Caleb says he is also looking into doing some songs with local and non local artists on his future endeavours. Making everybody wonder what else Caleb Graysen has up his sleeve.

Caleb Graysen, "Not Worth Saving" December 1,2017
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