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Caleb Graysen's New Single "Numb" Goes International

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Caleb Graysen announces his release of his first single of 2018. Caleb's new single is called "Numb" and many are surprised to see he has featured an artist outside of Canada. Caleb released his debut album, "Not Worth Saving" in December of 2017 and many people have been waiting to see what he'll put out next. Caleb released his new single, "Numb" featuring ROSSAY, a recording artist and performer from South Africa. This is Caleb's 14th release and his first feature on any of his tracks so far. Caleb says, "I've been really busy this year trying to push myself and approach things from new angles. I love being a New Brunswick artist but I dream of becoming a worldwide success in music. I find it can be really challenging promoting and marketing your music in Atlantic Canada so I wanted to feature an artist that could help me gain some exposure on the other side of pond. I believe if you keep doing something over and over and keep getting the same results you need to change your approach. I received a lot of great positive feedback with my debut album but overall I was disappointed with the exposure, and sales that came from it. However, I used those emotions and disappointment to come back more determined for 2018. I'm really pleased with the love i've been getting on this new track and it's only been out for a little while. It took a little while for people to notice me but I can finally see the results now." Caleb hopes everyone get's a chance to listen to his new single, he feels it can relate with a lot of people dealing with relationship troubles and heartache. Caleb says, "I'm no stranger to pain whether it be emotional or physical and the last few months have been challenging for me in many respects. I really hope people can enjoy the song and appreciate the music but also relate to it and know that you're not the only one who's felt like that." Caleb Graysen has lots in store for 2018 and his new single is just a taste of what's to come. Caleb Graysen's new single, "Numb" is now available on all digital music platforms for purchase and streaming. If you want to follow and stay connected with him you can see all his music, photos, information, events, bookings, and news on his new website. -