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FAQ • Before you start your application

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Am I eligible for funding?

Musicians, industry professionals and music businesses that are based in New Brunswick are eligible for funding. A good rule of thumb is: do you pay taxes here? Yes? Then you probably qualify to apply!

Government Departments, public agencies or other public institutions, and public or private broadcasters are not eligible to submit applications to this program.

What is the first step to apply for funding?

Create your Applicant Profile! To submit for investment, all applications must to be associated with an Applicant Profile. This is an administrative record about the artist or the music business applying for investment, which includes a biography, photo, team members, social media and links to video and streaming. This is not a public profile. Only you, the Program Officer and jury members will see this info.

We also try to capture information about online fans, views, downloads, sales and touring details. Not all is required, but it helps the MID Program Officer at MNB (and yourself!) track the success of the program’s clients.

Once you finish your Applicant Profile, the MID Program Officer will give you access to your account so you can update the info as needed. It’s important to keep this info as current as possible as the juries will use it as a reference when evaluating investment applications.

I already have a profile in the Music•Musique NB directory. Is that enough?

No, your Music·Musique NB membership is different than your Applicant Profile. You do not have to be a Music·Musique NB member to receive funding (although you may want to join for the myriad of other benefits we offer!) Your MNB Profile is there for the public, while your MID Applicant Profile is only for yourself, the Program Agent and the jurors.


Not unless you intend to apply in the name of your business. To apply for an artist you represent, add your name and contact information in the “Primary Contact” section in the Applicant Profile. You will then be able to administer the artist’s investment applications through that Applicant Profile.

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