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FAQ • During your funding application

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I want to start my application. How do I update my Applicant Profile? 

Not long after completing your applicant profile, the MID Program Officer will send you an email invitation to join our program management platform, PODIO. Once you have created your login for Podio (it's free!), you will have access to your Applicant Profile. You can update the information when needed (typically when you apply for investment and when you submit your final report for your completed project).

If you manage an Applicant Profile for an artist, contact the Program Officer to get access.

Which component should I pick?

Read each component's guidelines to find the right one for your project. Here is a short overview of each:

  • Emerging Artist: For artists who have never recorded an album. The funding can go to a recording, but also for the creation of work tools, such as professional photos, a website, a business plan, etc.
  • Live Performance: For artists, to help with touring expenses.
  • Marketing & promotion: For artists or industry professionals, for marketing projects such as tour promotion, ad campaigns, etc.
  • Professional development & business travel: For artists or industry professionals, to attend industry conferences (such as ECMA, Contact East, Francofête en Acadie, etc.), or to take part in mentorship or training.
  • Showcase: ​(Component suspended until further notice) For artists, for a performance during an industry-recognized event.
  • Sound Recording: For artists, to record an album, an ep or a market-ready single.

Where do I start ?

  1. Once you are satisfied with your Applicant Profile, read though the component's guidelines.à
  2. Gather all the required information.
  3. Put on a pot of coffee or tea.
  4. You are now ready to submit your application for the MID program.

#protip Use the helpful WORKING DOCUMENT (under Forms and Documents) when getting your application info together. It has all the questions that will be asked so you can simply cut and paste into your online application.


The online form will save your progress, each time you click on the 'Save' button at the bottom. Make sure you don’t delete the initial email sent by the system after you submit the first step of the process. This email has an important link that will bring you back to your unfinished application if ever you don’t have time to finish in one sitting. If you have already deleted this email, please pick up your Cone of Shame at the Music•Musique NB office.

Each time you proceed to the next page of the application, the information that you’ve entered up to that point will be saved. You can return to it later with the link in the initial email.  You can also click ‘Back’ on the form to edit previously entered information.

Your dog might not eat your application, but your computer might! We strongly encourage you to gather the necessary information in a separate document, and to copy-paste your answers. It might save you some grief.

I missed the deadline! Can I get an extension? 

Component deadlines are not negotiable. You'll have to wait until the next deadline to submit your project.

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