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How To: Bandcamp

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Bandcamp is an online music distribution platform, which allows independant artists (and labels) to sell their music. It has a lot of customizable features for artists and it's fairly easy to set-up. Uploading music to Bandcamp as an artist is free, and they take a cut of the sales (plus processing fees). The Bandcamp Pro option offers more customizable options, but the basic account still offers a good starting point.

How To: Start

  1. Sign up as an Artist. Enter your Band / Artist Name and email, and create your username and password.
  2. Choose your general genre of music (pop, rock, country,etc.) You can also create up to five tags for more specific genre (electropop, power pop, etc.) #protip Tags are how fans can discover your music. Be specific and typo-free!
  3. Select your location (City, province, country)
  4. Select your custom domain for your Bandcamp Account. #protip Choose a domain that is similar to your social media handles. For example, we (MNB) use MusicMusiqueNB across all platforms. It makes it easier for your fans to find you!

How To: Add and Album

  1. Click "Add music".
  2. Enter the Album name, release date and pricing. You can choose your own pricing or ask your fans to "name their price",
  3. Upload your album cover (minimum size: 1400 px x 1400 px).
  4. Upload each track (.wav, .aif, .flac), with track name, pricing, description, lyrics and credits. 

How to: Pimp Up your Profile

Once you've upload your music, you can start playing with how your profile looks.

  1. Upload a header (975 px wide x 40-180 px high) and artist photo.
  2. In the top right corner, click on your artist name and select "profile". Add your websites & social media (full URL).
  3. Start sharing!!

You can also sell merchandise and individual tracks, add shipping for physical albums, and a slew of other stuff. Feel free to look at your favourite bands Bancamp and borrow some of their great ideas! And when in doubt, Bandcamp has an extensive Help Section!