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Jaclyn Reinhart at Ringo's

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Ringo's Fredericton
March 18th
7-9 PM
No cover
Happy hour pricing 4-7 PM

Jaclyn Reinhart puts her heart front-and-centre, blending songs of love and heartbreak with just enough optimism to keep the tears at bay. And that’s not to say the album’s nine tracks are delivered through dreary ballads that make listening a labour. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. On Adventures, Reinhart sidesteps the folk-rock feel of her 2011 debut EP, Favorite Mistakes, this time embracing her love for straight ahead 90’s rock and roll.

“New songs such as ‘Liam’, ‘Won't Do This’ and ‘Storm’ all feature a bigger rock sound, heavy on the electric guitar,” CBC’s Bob Mersereau. “They have a bit of a retro vibe, 80's tough stuff, and should give Reinhart more flash and attention.” Not that she needs it. Conforming to the mundane is not something Reinhart does. She stands out with her signature raven blue hair and powerhouse voice. Top that with her brutally honest lyrics and it’s no wonder why Reinhart’s shows are hot-ticket events.