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June Releases

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album Welcome To Utopia • Ryan Maynard
Listen • Écoutez
album Blues • Richie Young
album Trippin On The Blues • Richie Young
album Haight • Women of the Pore
album Victoria • DenMother
album Spanish Style Guitar Improvisations • Gilbert Babin
album Solstice • Electric Vibes
album This Is Not An Ashtray • The Lamps
album WATMnM II • WATMnM
album The Cognition LP • Old Self & Kam Speech
album Brookside Mall • Brookside Mall
album Testimony • Bruised Orange
album Illusions of Self Serve • Merlin Mortician
ep Let 'Em In • Jennifer Irving
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ep Riboflavin-flavored demos • T.S.O.R.
ep Spaced Out • Glacial Skies
ep Red Sovine Dada • hue/you
ep Countdown to Oblivion • Shrimp Ring
ep Inclus • Paranerd
ep Krummholz • Krummholz
ep Seeking Answers • Kalkara
ep Live at You Are Here Studio • Zacharie Robichaud
single • extrait Dreams • The Backstays
single • extrait Something About the Way • David R. Elliot
single • extrait Un jour à la fois ouais! • Izabelle
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video Visa Bill Blues • The Galpines
video Guardian Angel • Kenny James
video Jamie Comeau & The Crooked Teeth • Breathe For You
video Tooth & The Fang • Lady Of A Thousand Clouds
video Hard Charger • Dead End Road
video No Turbulence • Ryan Maynard