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Legal Deposits: It's the law!

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Instructions on how to submit a Legal Deposit of your music

All material published in Canada becomes part of the extensive Library and Archives Canada's collection. Library and Archives Canada serves as a continuing memory of the cultural history of our country, for the benefit of present and future generations. It boasts the largest collection of Canadian music in the world.


Your work gets preserved for posterity ! It's free, you also get a listing in the Library & Archives Canada's database & a receipt you can use for tax purposes.

Although making your legal deposit does not constitute a copyright registration, it does provide evidence of the existence of your intellectual work at the time of receipt.


While the book industry has been diligent about sending copies of all published material, the music industry still has some work to do.

It serves the interest of the Canadian music industry to fully document the changes and the evolution of our industry, for current researchers as well as future historians. The Library and Archives Canada database needs to give an accurate portrait of the current state of music in Canada.

Plus, it's the law !


1. Fill out this form:

Sound Recording OR
Music book, sheet music or video

2. Send the filled form with one copy of your sound recording OR two copies of your music book, sheet music or video to: 

Library and Archives Canada
Legal Deposit
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa (Ontario)  K1A 0N4

3. For more information on Legal Deposit: 

Telephone: 819-997-9565
Toll free number in Canada: 1-866-578-7777 (Select 1+7+1)
Toll free number for the deaf (TDD): 1-866-299-1699