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Lisa LeBlanc @ The capital Complex

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We're extremely excited to have Lisa Leblanc at The Capital (Wilser's Room) for the first time on Thursday November 9th. 

At 26 years old, Lisa Leblanc, the captivating Montreal singer-songwriter who hails from Rosaireville, New Brunswick has toured for five years with her band and sold over 140 000 records on two continents. Her ability to compose rousing, heart-wrenching narratives from everyday tales of love, friendship and heartbreak has been compared to the sharp wit of Courtney Barnett, the rambling honesty of Bob Dylan and the high-flying sincerity of Dolly Parton.

This is absolutely essential stuff, and you’ll be glad to have not only heard it, but experienced it. It’s, indeed, quite something. - Pop Matters

Lisa knows exactly how an excellent folk-rock album should sound [...] Lisa LeBlanc has put her best foot forward on this album, and deserves praise for keeping it consistently accessible. If you can be at peace with not knowing what the heck she's saying (or even better, know some French), this album will make for some of the best folk-rock you'll hear for some time. - Bandcamp's Best

LeBlanc is a whirlwind on banjo, guitar and vocals. She's a force, a dynamo, ripping into the songs with gusto, humour and joy. - Bob Mersereau,

Doors at 8pm // Show 9pm. Limited tickets remain so act fast!