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Radio Tracking with CHSR FM

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The talent in Fredericton is second to none, and we think everyone should have a chance to be heard. Promoting yourself is often time consuming and a challenge, and hiring a professional radio tracker helps your music get noticed but realistically isn’t always affordable. For a donation to CHSR – we’ll do it for you! CHSR has already built relationships with Music Directors across Canada and know how things work behind the campus/community scene better than anyone.

Campus/Community Radio Campaign includes:

  • Email notification to the chosen C/C stations that your CD is on the way.
  • 2-3 weeks later confirm that the CD has arrived and been processed.
  • Minimum 4 weeks of tracking; further tracking/servicing if album charts with a station on !earshot.
  • Summary report at the end of the campaign.

All that is required from you are physical copies of your music, and a one-sheet.

If you would like help distributing your album but do not want tracking services, we’ll do that for you too!

For more information check or email with any inquiries.