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Rising Artist Caleb Graysen

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Caleb Graysen is a 23 year old urban recording artist, songwriter and producer from Moncton, NB. He is making more waves with his second world wide digital release of his single, "Only You". Caleb released his first debut single this July called "Millionaire Starlet". He has been building up steam for the fall. Caleb says his first official album "Free" is predicted to be released this fall 2017. Caleb produced, recorded and wrote every song on the album as well as all his singles. He says the vibe of the album is very ambient and mellow sounding, but has the low end punch of most urban recordings. Caleb also plans to do the photography for his upcoming album, and plans to take the photos in the New Brunswick or Nova Scotia area. You can expect big things to come from Caleb as his music career kicked off this summer. You can stream and download Caleb Graysen's music on all music platforms and digital streaming sites or give him a follow @CalebGraysen on his social media.