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September @ Plan B

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Friday September 1st - (6:30 PM ) Les Improbables

Friday September 1st -  Diablo Strange/Lionsault/Wood Made of Deck/ The Motorleague

Sunday September 3rd - Spencer Burton


Tuesday September 5th - Eric Brandon

Wednesday September 6th - Tay Sera/Courtney Smith/Ryan Langille/Dillon Ryan

Thursday September 7th - Old Salts/Skinny Leigh

Friday September 8th - (6:30 PM ) Les Improbables

Friday September 8th - Pony Rouge

Saturday September 9th - Slanted Glass Productions Presents: Mindless Viscosity/Elevate the Virus/Severance/Glacial Skies

Sunday September 10th - Fallen Evil/The Barrel Heads


Thursday September 14th - Panda Bee Catastrophe

Friday September 15th - (6:30 PM ) Les Improbables

Friday September 15th -  Alert The Medic

Saturday September 16th - Saint Jack

Sunday September 17th - Jim Dan Dee


Thursday September 21st -A Fellow Ship/Olivia & The Creepy Crawlies

Friday September 22nd - (6:30 PM ) Les Improbables

Friday September 22nd - IPN with Bones

Saturday September 23rd - Sounddrown/Dazor/Melonvine


Tuesday September 26th - Adam Karch

Thursday September 28th - Slanted Glass Productions Presents:

Friday September 29th - (6:30 PM ) Les Improbables

Friday September 29th - Slanted Glass Productions Presents:  Wood Made of Deck/The Daily Grind

Saturday September 30th - The Torinos/Jaime Comeau & The Crooked Teeth