Media & Press - Music Writers and Journalists Panel

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Media & Press | Music Writers and Journalists Panel

Music journalists and artists go to the same events and live in the same artistic community, but the relationship between the two is still misunderstood. This panel explores the different sides of a music journalist's work, as well as the relationship between critics and the authors of the work they analyze.

(There will be simultaneous interpretation for this conference session.)


Ben Rayner
(Toronto Star)

Ben Rayner has worked as one of the Star's music critics since 1998. He's passionate about Joy Division, the Simpsons and the writings of Martin Amis. On the rare night he's actually at home, you're likely to find him hunched over his turntables mixing techno records for hours on end.

Ken Kelley
(Music Nerd Chronicles)

Ken Kelley is a freelance writer based in Moncton, and a contributor to the Times & Transcript, the Telegraph Journal, Canadian Musician, Ultimate Classic Rock and Diffuser. In addition to running the website, Ken is a founding member of Moncton rock band The Monoxides, who actively toured in the late 90's with the likes of ZZ Top, Our Lady Peace, The Headstones and others.

Matt Carter
(Grid City Magazine)

Matt Carter is an OK musician, a half decent writer, a pretty good photographer and a proud supporter of New Brunswick arts and music. He is the Director of Development and Communications at Theatre New Brunswick and dedicates much of his spare time to celebrating the efforts of others through Grid City Magazine, an arts and entertainment website he founded in 2014.

Anne-Marie Parenteau

Récipiendaire d'un prix Éloize en 2014 pour l'excellence de sa couverture médiatique, Anne-Marie est la voix de la culture et des artistes en Acadie depuis 2003 à Radio-Canada. Elle a  été de tous les grands événements culturels.   

Jean-Étienne Sheehy
(500 kHz / BRBR) (M)

JE Sheehy est un chroniqueur musique (BRBR, Association de la presse francophone) développeur de contenu web et fondateur d’une boîte spécialisée en musique. Vous l'avez peut être déjà croisé dans un groupe punk ou entrain de jouer des tounes tristes en français.

JE Sheehy is a bilingual music columnist (BRBR, Association de la presse francophone), web content developer and small music entreprise founder. You may remember him from playing in punk bands or singing sad French songs.