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9 am • 4 pm

Bylaws & Backbeats

Empress Theatre | 199 Robinson Street

Pre-registration required


9 am - 10 am | Registration and Meet & Greet
10 am - 11 am | Sound IMPACT: A Profile & Economic Impact Assessment of NB's Music Industry, presented by Jean Surette, executive director of Music NB
11 am - 12 pm | Music: Boosting the creative economy and enhancing the community’s quality of life, presented by David Campbell,  NB's former chief economist & current president of Jupia Consultants

12 pm - 1:30 pm | Lunch

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm | The Mastering of a Music City, presented by Amy Terrill, Music Canada
2:45 pm - 4 pm | Group Discussions
4 pm - 5 pm | Networking Mixer

12 PM

Factor One-On-One

33 Church Street

Registration required
Geoff Stairs from FACTOR to talk programs, eligibility, and applying to FACTOR. RSVP early and get your questions answered.

1 pm – 2 pm

Women & the Music Industry: A practical guide to make the music industry a better place for women

Capitol Theatre | Pearce Lounge

Different professionals of the music industry will discuss their work. This group of managers, bookers, sound engineers, musicians, grant writers and music organisations executive directors will be available to answer your questions and discuss their successes and challenges.

Christine Dubé - Le Grenier Musique
Jane Blanchard - Flourish Festival, solo artist, David in the Dark
Penelope Stevens - Motherhood, Capital Arts Support, Shivering Songs, Feels Good
Jacynthe Plamondon-Émond - InTempo Musique
Natalie Bernardin - APCM
Leah Timmins - Sonic Concerts

2 pm – 4 pm

Women & the Music Industry: Sound boards and the nitty gritty of gear

Capitol Theatre | Pearce Lounge

Concert producer and sound engineer, Leah Timmins, will give a hands-on workshop on sound boards and other sound gear used during concerts. Whether you are a musician who wants to learn more about that side of the production or an experience technician who wants to reach the next step, all are welcome. Bring your questions!

1 pm - 3:30 pm


Capitol Theatre School | 33, rue Church St 

Pre-registration recommended | Pré-inscription recommandé

1pm - Exporting Classical Music From the Agents Perspective

with Danielle Lefebvre, Agence Danielle Lefebvre, General Manager and Development Officer (Canada, USA and Europe)​

A presentation on how this agency approaches booking its classical artists and will give insight on what delegate buyers look for when they are looking for new talent. The presentation will be presented via Video Conference

2 pm - What's coming NEXT

with Richard Hornsby, Musical Ventures, MNB Board member. 

Classical:NEXT is one of the biggest industry events in classical music. It takes place every year in May in Rotterdam and Richard Hornsby has participated for that past two years. He will provide his perspective on the opportunities that the event can offer for NB classical artists. A discussion around the next steps will follow the presentation. 

3pm to 3:45pm FACTOR presentation with Q&A 

with Geoff Stairs, FACTOR

An overview of FACTOR and the programs that classical artists should know about

4 pm

Networking Mixer

Empress Theatre | 199 Robinson Street



9:00 am – 5 pm


dB Program

Delta Beauséjour

For young artists between 13 and 18 years old
To attend the conference session in the morning, please contact Music•Musique NB ( or 506.383.4662)

9 am

KEYNOTE: Jeff Leake, Sirius XM Canada

Delta Beauséjour, Shédiac B

10 am

Cash City: how to keep your head above water (and hopefully more!) by creating music

Delta Beauséjour, Shédiac B

This panel presents the perspective of two artists who succeeded in earning money, whether through the creation of music for television and film, or in royalties from digital airplay. Moreover, music industry professionals will discuss the best ways to approach these new money-making beasts.

Nick Fowler
Joey Robin Haché
Jeff Leake (Sirius XM)

11 am

The Export Effort

Delta Beauséjour, Shédiac B

So, you want to be be seen beyond Canada? A panel with Kai Lehmann, Mary Keiser and Jon Landry, who helps artists to be heard across the planet, will look to what does it really mean to be ready for export.

12 pm

Networking Lunch

1 PM

Factor One-On-One

Delta Beauséjour

Registration required : SOLD OUT
Book a one-on-one meeting with Geoff Stairs from FACTOR to talk programs, eligibility, and applying to FACTOR. RSVP early and get your questions answered.

1 pm

Touring for dummies and the rest of us

Delta Beauséjour, Shédiac B

Hugo Mudie (Mudie, The Sainte Catherines, Yesterday’s Ring, Miracles), Penelope Stevens (Motherhood) and Don Levandier (The Motorleague, The Ditchpigs) are veterans of the Canadian music scene. They will discuss their road horror stories, but also the ways to ensure everyone gets back home in one piece.

2 pm

From musician to producer and back

Delta Beauséjour, Shédiac B

Everyone has a computer, a microphone and a software to record their songs. There is a difference between musicians recording their own material and a producer, recording music with a critical perspective. Who’s better to discuss this than two artists, who left an impressive collection of songs, both as a musician and a producer?

Éric Goulet is a veteran of Montreal’s rock scene for the last twenty years, whether it’s with his band Les Chiens or a solo act under his own name and Monsieur Mono. He’s also produced albums for Vincent Vallières, Michel Rivard, Yann Perreau, Alexandre Belliard and Pierre Flynn.

As a musician, Jason Barry travelled with Dean Brody, Paul Grandt and Jason Blaine. From his recording studio, Barrytone Studios, he’s worked with Dean Brody, Michelle Wright, Terri Clark and other country music heavyweights.

Andrew Creeggan is a former member of the Barenaked Ladies. As a solo artist, he's also released three albums and plays in The Brothers Creeggan. He’s also produced albums for artists such as Les Païens.

3 pm

The Lightning Round

Delta Beauséjour, Shédiac C

Pre-registration required
Book up to five 10-minute meetings with delegates to sharpen your networking skills and make valuable connections. 

4 pm


Industry Mixer

Delta Beauséjour