Alex Thorne & CO


With music as his backbone, Alex Thorne's venture from early years to present day has earned and maintained him a reputation as a uniquely talented singer, perfectly placed as everything from frontman in a band, to the crafter of songs and melodies.
Initial musical endeavors on Canada's East Coast, resulted in Alex making a name for himself as frontman for the then highly acclaimed progressive-pop collective "Happy Medium." A group which earned a reputation as one of the region's most exciting and experimental collaborations.

Alex later went on to collaborate on many a project and as lead vocalist in several other groups, bringing him to his present day passion, the launch of his solo career. Tapping into previous experiences, connections and dreams, Alex Thorne's "The view from here"was released in 2013. Having expanded his horizons to the west coast in recent years, these influences clearly seep through in everything from his lyrics to his smooth and winding voice - as gentle as the west coast mountains, yet definitely equally as grand.