Before The Dinosaurs

Indie, Rock

Formarly known as Short For Arthur. The band continues on with Frontman and main songwriter Jordan Best on Vocals, Keyboard and Guitar. Backed up by Jordan Jardine on Bass, Ryan Mazerolle (Squintin' Tarantino) on Guitar and Christian Arsenault on Drums.

Beginning in the early summer of 2016 with the member changes in late summer of 2021.The band has brought their energetic and mentally captivating performance across Atlantic Canada. Participating in renowned music festivals such as Freedomfest and Evolve. Their music is an eclectic blend of Indie/Alt Rock Infused with touches of Psychedelic Jam, Blues, Jazz and Electronic. The band recorded their debut studio single ''Planting Seeds'' with producer Mike Oz in February of 2020. They published their debut music video for their second studio single ''Hanging Paintings.'' followed by ''Manhattan'' near the end of 2020 and recently released their first hit of 2021; ''Note To Self''. The Band is currently busy working on an entirely new setlist, album, music videos and live performance.

We aknowledge and honor the former Members:
Sean Bampton (Bass)
Dylan Bingham (Guitar)
Steven Dufour (Drums)

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