Dwayne Ferris

Bluegrass, Country, Gospel

Dwayne Ferris is a Country/Gospel singer/songwriter from Mill Cove, NB. In May 2015, Dwayne was surprised by winning an Akademia Music Award for best Country Ballad. As a result, his award winning song 'Memories Of Dad' is playing on internet and FM stations around the world. Plus he has been featured in Avastar publication and Marquix Global Network.
In 2015 and 2016, Dwayne entered three songs in separate categories into the UK Songwriting Contest and all received semi finalist standing. In 2016, he was inducted into the Minto Country Music Wall Of Fame, was awarded Gospel Artist of the Year with Clays Country Radio out of the UK and was nominated for a Covenant Award by the Gospel Music Association Canada for his gospel song 'Jesus Is My Rock'.
In 2017, 'Down The Road' from his new album '18 Wheeler Fever' was awarded finalist position at the International Acoustic Music Awards, and was awarded Gospel Artist with Clays Country Radio. Also, 'Down The Road' was nominated for Folk/Bluegrass/Americana Song Of The Year.
In July 2017, he submitted three gospel songs to Praise Radio, Spruce Grove. AB and all three charted in the Top 30. Dwayne was also nominated in 2017 for a Josie Music Award. His music can best be described as heartfelt, emotional and visual with every lyric drawing you into the song. With the combination of his songwriting craft, singing, dedication and determination his music is evolving so his songs will appeal to many age groups. In July of 2018, Dwayne received a personal invitation to perform in Ontario at the Purple Hill Country Music Opry show with one of Canada's top house bands featuring Canadian Hall Of Famers, an experience he will always remember. In Nov 2018, Dwayne released his new album 'Sea Of Life'.
In 2019, he was the winner of two Global Music Awards for his songs 'Sea Of Life' and 'The Old Man Down The Old Back Road' along with a Listener Impact Award. Also his original song "Bucket List" has been nominated for a Josie Music Award for "Traditional Country" song of The year out of Nashville, Tennessee which remains the largest independent artist award show globally.
For CD purchase of his two albums:
'Sea of Life' and '18 Wheeler Fever' go to www.cdbaby.com/artist/DwayneFerris
Dwayne can be contacted at dwayne_ferris@hotmail.com