Emanate 7

Electronic, Urban

Emanate 7 - Primal Techno Ambient Music

Transitions - Released March 25 2016, features the vocal work of Jenn Sexton and Samaqani Cocahq.

Emanate 7 is the work of recording artist, Nate Miller, who writes and performs all of the instruments himself. There is an emphasis on drumming; kit, handdrums, electronic, which is mixed with ethereal vocal chanting that morphs through phasing synthesizers. E7 is all about the chorus. The verses are mostly left to your imagination, part instrumental, part song. Definitely a less-is-more approach. Several vocalists appear on Emanate 7''s many full length albums, from 2007 - 2016; such as Anara Kashna, Lucie Desaulniers, Margaret Beukeveld, Jenn Sexton, Samaqani Cocahq, Cynthia Ryder, and Nate Miiler. The sound can be descibed as sensual, atmospheric, with a slow-trance vibe.

Since moving from Montreal to Fredericton in 2005, Miller has been producing CDs and audiobooks on commission for yoga teachers and alternative healing practitioners. His music has been used in fashion shows, television, and website background music.

Nate Miller, producer and musician, has collaborated with classical, jazz and rock musicians from coast to coast over the past 30 years, including Motion Ensemble, Sky Beneath My Feet, bloom, Walk Out Weird, Zimmerman Troll, Strangers in a Strange Land, and Opposites Attract.