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Electronic, Indie

Should I describe myself in the third person? What's the standard operating procedures here?

Hello? Are you reading this?  why?  w h y   a r e   y o u    r e a d i n g    t h i s?


I am JV, (Jave) Despres, I used to write songs and sing them at people, and since about 2006 or so, Jaspertine has been the catchall term for various music and sound projects, somewhat experimental in nature, and usually involving Creative Commons in some way or other. 

My aesthetic is typically lofi in nature, built mostly from guitars, voices, samples, and sound manipulation. Assembled in my bedroom. Ambience and soft psychedelia are typical. I like cats. How many words is this?

I disseminate material primarily through Bandcamp, pay what you want or just put a zero in the price box to download for free. You're also free to remix and re-use my material, so long as you provide credit.

MNB Mentions