Jayo Shea

Hip-Hop, Indie, Urban

Formerly known as dNA (da Nemesis Attraction), maritime rap artist Jayo Shea first broke onto the local hip-hop scene back in 2000. Since that time, he has amassed quite a collection of work, including 6 amateur solo albums, 2 solo EP releases, a duo album with Catalyst, handful of mixtapes and more. The young MC/producer has also made his rounds when it comes to live performances, having done almost 100 shows in 4 years. DNA’s 2007 hit single “The North Side” took campus radio stations by storm across the entire country, adding to Jayo’s ever-growing fanbase. In February 2008, DNA was nominated for an ECMA [East Coast Music Award], under the category “Urban Single Track Recording of the Year” for the song Take You Out Remix (ft. Catalyst). Jayo Shea also produces beats for subgenres of hip-hop, including Trap, Conscious, Boom Bap, R&B, EDM, etc. Since summer ‘07, he’s sold upwards of 150 beats to various artists spanning across the nation, including names like Pat Stay, Monark, Hollohan, Phakt, and many more.