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Johnny Manic

Hip-Hop, Urban

John Nicholson better known by his stage name Johnny Manic is Hip Hop recording artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Johnny is apart the family & movement ViiiZUALEYES and a member of the trio Fac3Valu3 - although the group doesn't make music together the three are still very well connected and more than a group a brothers. The group consists of AliasNone, Johnny Manic & Tyrant.

Threw the couples years with FV3 he has developed his own unique style and made a name for himself in the new brunswick hip hop & music scene - from multiple shows at local events to sharing the stage with well known & big names such as Riff Raff, City Natives, Moka Only, Hopsin, Swisha-T, Quake Matthews, Merkules & the legendary duo Mobb Deep (RIP Prodigy) plus many more.

Johnny isn't your typical rap artist, he sets and stand himself out by dressing in the metal and punk rock look, which tends to throw the crowd and his listeners off when either rocking the stage or hearing his music. 

Johnny Manics debut album is now in the works and will soon have a release date that will be announced this year of 2018.