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Laura sauvage


Hailing from Rogersville, New Brunswick, Vivianne Roy (aka Laura Sauvage) moved to Moncton at the age of nineteen and started the folk-country trio, Les Hay Babies, with her two best friends, Katrine Noël and Julie Aubé. The band had no anchor and filled their calendars with shows all around Canada, France, Switzerland, and the occasional ones in Germany, Belgium and the States. Together, they released an EP, Folio, in 2012 and their first full-length album, Mon Homesick Heart, in 2014. Two years later, they came out with their wink to 70s alternative rock, La 4ième Dimension (version longue), with a title inspired by Rogers Normandin and Nadia Lafontaine’s cult film, La 4ième dimension. In no time, they garnered attention and recognition, garnishing their #junkfoodtour dreams with multiple awards and nominations.

Vivianne’s solo project wrote itself during a couple of years on tour with Les Hay Babies. Traveling from city to shitty, hotel to motel, meeting real people while also dealing with the most particular people you can imagine, she developed a backbone, and…

TADA! : new songs. Dany Placard, a Québec Musician/Veteran, offered to produce an EP for her in Fall 2014. “Euh, fuck yes,’’ she replied. And so, Dany, Vivianne (now Laura), and Mathieu Vezio (Drums) walked hand-in-hand into Dany’s shed and recorded the five-song EP Americana Submarine. It all turned out to be a terrific learning experience for Laura’s lifelong dream to learn how to produce albums. Shortly after, The Team, (let’s call Viv, Dany and Vezio: The Team) locked themselves away to a cabin in the woods named Wild Studios, swallowed the key for six days and spawned a debut full-length album – again produced by Dany Placard. Extraordinormal was born in September 2016.

In parallel to touring with Les Hay Babies, Laura Sauvage toured as a secret fangirl, opening for Patrick Watson, Julie Doiron, The Barr Brothers and Aidan Knight to name some. On her time off at home, Vivianne kept writing her songs – I mean, what else would she do?

Meanwhile, she would listen to all these artists who made her question, ‘‘Where have you been all my life? ’’ (acts like Pavement, The Feelies, David Axelrod and Angel Olsen) when she would tune out of the propaganda the Internet had to offer during the 2016 U.S. Elections and wrote a new record she calls “The Beautiful” – her first try at producing. A big stepping stone she got to do with her Bud-Buds, Nicolas Beaudoin (Guitar), Jonathan Bigras (Drums) and Dany Placard (Bass). François Lafontaine and Marie-Jo Thério were guests on keys, as well as Katrine Noël and Julie Aubé for back vocals. “The Beautiful” will be available everywhere fall 2017.