Levi Rowan

Hip-Hop, Pop

Levi Rowan: Think Blackbear meets Childish Gambino meets Kendrick Lamar -- At 19 years old, Levi is self produced, self written, self engineered, and self managed all while maintaining a professional modeling career on the side.  Features that's allowed Levi to bring his live performance to venues like the Harbour Station, performing for crowds of up to 5,000. He’s got a no-nonsense, shut up and listen sound that will hit you in the face. From making music in his dad’s truck when no other recording means were available, to releasing multiple albums and singles, Levi Rowan was called a “Rising Star” in a recent feature by The Maritime Edit. He’s toured New Brunswick with Neon Dreams, opened for Jacques Jacobus of “Radio Radio,” and has tens of thousands of views on his music videos -- a set of visual experiences he’s played the lead role in creating . He’s one of the main focuses of a new documentary called The Capital Project, and is regularly featured on Grid City Magazine and The East. He’s come a long way since his beginnings at 16, establishing a strong base to support a promising future career.