Little You, Little Me


Since 2011, Little You Little Me have released an eclectic catalog of music, traversing a wide range of guitar rock. Touring extensively across the nation, Little You Little Me's sonic pallet casts a wide net of tonal perspectives. From fuzzed out abrasiveness, to dreamy-blissed out atmosphere, all structured around a tenacious sensitivity to hooky melodies. Is shred the order of the day? It's certainly there in. Think Big Star being covered by Ty Segall. Think Fugazi playing country music. Riffs on Riffs! Gnarly leads!

On their newest release, Hard To Say Not Knowing, these hooky powers are in full effect with intricate guitar dual guitar and the diffing writing styles of the bands two songwriters and vocalists Corey Bonnevie and Gavin Downes, jumping between sentimentality, vitriolic disassociation, and monetary anxiety, coalescing into a nuanced emotional document that demonstrates a group who have spent almost a decade refining their musical acumen and (perhaps) their interpersonal skills.

Hard To Say Not Knowing is released Through Saint John NB's Monopolized Records on all musical formats and platforms August 9th, 2019. Little You Little Me will be touring Central and Eastern Canada throughout the summer.

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