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Where to begin..

My names Dawson Sacobie, I've lived in Fredericton ever since I was a child.

I've been producing music for my personal enjoyment since 2012 and had quite a few different names before I stuck with the one I currently go by:

M3D14 (Leetspeak for Media) 

"What is M3D14? And how did it start?"

M3D14 was a small art project I doodled that went too far (In my opinion) it started out as me drawing these people who lived with televisions for heads (also known as Object Heads) and co-existed in society. From there on it grew and grew until I picked up a computer and decided to make some electronic music, Me being the anxious angsty teen I was I had a lot of mental issues with me so I never really wanted to put my face on the internet, So I figured I'd adopt this persona I drew in my sketch books for the longest time. Fastforward to early 2018 and I fixed myself up a TV I can wear while I'm performing (90% safe, don't worry) 


TL:DR; Hopefully you'll enjoy the glitchy mess of a project I call M3D14, Enjoy and lot's of love from Fredericton NB! 

MNB Mentions


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