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Celtic, Rock, Roots

Masons Tender is the songwriting duo of Bryon Chase and Chris Daigle.
Eager to give new life to old stories and to point out the small moments that make life what it is.
They have been writing and performing together in the maritimes and across Canada for over a decade.

Raised on both coasts of Canada Bryon grew up familiar with land, sea and mountains. He played with numerous rock and metal bands before studying Jazz. At university he developed his love for world, Celtic and Jazz musics. His original compositions have been previously nominated for two ECMAs. It has been said that Bryon can fix anything.

Chris studied percussion at the U de M and has played guitar and drums for many groups over the years. He tries to stay current and is always open to new ideas in music and sound.
A gifted songwriter and passionate performer always ready for another song....or set.

Their latest release ( ALREADY GONE ) is a reflection on being weak, being strong, love and love lost and all the internal struggles that is the human experience.