Hip-Hop, Urban

I go by the name "MathewMatical" i'm 24 years young and i have 12 years experience writing and recording hiphop music. As the years go by i find myself growing as a person as well as an artist. My music stems from my soul, i like to be an inspiration for people to be themselves and grow with positivity. I was born to be in the light, i shine when performing in front of the crowd. When all of the lights are on me, It's the only time in my life i truly come ALIVE;People feel my presence on the stage.

This year im looking to expand and do shows all over Canada. From the age of 12 to 19 i have wrote and recorded 7 mixtapes.I've put out two solo albums "Hinchstory in the making" (2012) and "4 0's Finest" in (2015). I am currently working on a 6 song EP and am eager to book more shows and bring the energy on stage again in 2017!