Melissa Girvan


Melissa Girvan, a spirited singer/songwriter from northern New Brunswick, Canada. Her unique guitar style and beautiful voice share stories of love, life, and good times.

Born and raised in the Campbellton, New Brunswick area, Melissa is currently building on an extensive repertoire of original material. Past performances during headline shows on both sides of the Baie des Chaleurs has helped to identify her place as an up and coming artist.

April 13th, 2012, Melissa Girvan made her first ECMA performance in the ECMA First Nations Showcase at the Empress Theater in Moncton, NB. She wowed the crowd, brought some to tears, and was spoken of throughout the ECMA's, as "that girl". She was then asked to return to the 2013 ECMA's in Halifax. NS in March.

Melissa has appeared on The Candy Show and APTN episodes, twice each. She has appeared on Makusham as well as Tam2 and Tam3.

With a growing fan base you can be certain in hearing a lot more from this bright young talent!