Molly Kilpatrick


Molly Kilpatrick is a 14 year old singer/songwriter from Saint John, NB. Her love for music started at a young age where you could find her singing along to karaoke tracks for fun at home and school talent shows.

At age 11, Molly picked up the guitar and started putting her unique sound of music to an acoustic style.

After attending a songwriter’s workshop in 2013, Molly found a new passion of putting words to music. Her first original song “Streetlights” took her to the stage in a local vocal competition in June of 2015. Molly became a grand finalist in the “I Am the Voice” competition competing against hundreds of artists across New Brunswick.

This summer, Molly won a spot in Market Square’s Saint John Idol competition, sharing the stage with 20 other local artists. She could also be found a few times through the summer entertaining at the Market Square Boardwalk on the NB Talent Showcase stage.

Molly continues to be involved in musical events as much as she can in and around Saint John. She attends a monthly songwriters group and has enjoyed meeting so many new, encouraging people in the music industry. Although Molly is just getting started in her singing and songwriting career, she is looking forward to the road that is ahead.