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Pop, Rock

Monopolized supplies artists with the proper facilities to capture and produce music. The business has two primary functions: Monopolized Studios, a professional recording environment equipped to capture all styles of music; and Monopolized Records, a qualified representation service for artists to reach local and global markets.

Operating in Saint John, Monopolized studios is one of few, in the New Brunswick music scene. The studio is a hybrid studio, meaning it's capable of recording analog and digital. Whether the artist is looking for an “old school” or “new school” approach, any sonic aesthetic is achievable. The studio has already shown, its importance to the local scene, by working with a variety of local talent. From singer-songwriters to loud rock bands, Monopolized is flexible enough for any project.

Monopolized Records offers an independent style of operation, focusing on peer to peer connections. Utilizing digital and physical platforms, the label reaches a vast fanbase, but without a cooperate atmosphere. Much like Dischord records, from Washington DC, Monopolized has the do-it-yourself approach to the music industry. Dischord Records have sold millions of album in this vein, without the resources of a major label.

Monopolized’s competitive edge is it’s one-stop-shop approach to music recording and distribution. Having the business based in Saint John, allows the business to maintain a low overhead for operations. An example of it's aspirations is Jack White's Third Man Records, which is a recording studio and record label in one.