Outreach Productions


For over 35 years, Outreach Productions has been in the business of providing creative and innovative solutions to their valued customers. Adapting and growing with emerging technologies, our current integrated creative approach has evolved over the years, stemming from music production in the early days, with the addition of video production and script writing in the 1980’s, graphics and web design in the 1990’s, and most recently evolving into a fully integrated creative production firm, complete with website application development, digital marketing strategies and branding services. We have worked with individuals, businesses, and organizations, and have won 16 industry awards including two Business Excellence Awards.

Located just outside of Fredericton, Outreach Productions features a well-equipped and acoustically treated 1,000 sq. ft. sound stage, 2 full edit suites, and an isolated recording booth, which caters to all kinds of production-- from music production, to corporate narration. to social media videos. At Outreach Productions, we have the sound engineers, and HD post-production facilities you need to bring out the best of your talent, and produce the sound quality required for commercial-grade recordings. We also have a great database of talented musicians and voice actors for you to choose from.

Outreach’s creative team strives to provide unique cinematic quality through attention to detail in the production and post production processes, with a goal to deliver creative ideas and content that speaks and connects with their client and its target audience.