Penelope Stevens | Shivering Songs, Feels Good

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Motherhood, Capital Arts Support, Shivering Songs, Feels Good


Penelope Stevens is a visual artist, musician, and arts administrator. When she's not playing with her band, Motherhood, you can find her writing grants for artists, working the door at all-ages shows, or petting her chubby tailless cats.

Penelope works for Feels Good Community and Capital Arts Support, two of Fredericton's most vibrant non-profit arts organizations. These organizations seek to support artists in all stages of development, through putting on events, writing grants, administering campaigns, and presenting Fredericton's most beloved festivals - Feels Good Folly Fest and Shivering Songs festival.

Penelope is a long-time DIY community activist, most notably as matriarch of the former Shifty Bits Cult, and has a passion for seeing NB artists find success in their projects.

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