Penny Blacks

Indie, Rock, Roots

Penny Blacks revel equally in folk - country weepers and sheer pop. Still dripping with the salt air and desolate fog of their hometown of Saint John, 2016 found the band touring Canada in anticipation of their forthcoming 2017 album Long Lights. Following the critically acclaimed Moleskine Weather - an autumnal snapshot of Penny Blacks stripped down to its roots - Long Lights promises the same whisper-in-your-ear intimacy, but with the churning raucous of restless guitar riffs and barroom cacophany right behind. 

"..There’s nothing to impede the intimacy between the artist and your ears. [Penny Blacks' Moleskine Weather] is rich in its starkness. It’s a moment of solidarity, a somber comrade offering a strong drink at the end of a long day, and a warm breeze blown through bare trees, rustling already fallen leaves. It’s a touching bittersweet consolation prize."
- The East

"Jason Ogden sure is one of the most interesting songwriters in Canada right now."

"The Silver Screen is a four song mini soundtrack to a lost, and long ago forgotten movie masterpiece."

"The Silver Screen sounds like it could be straight from a beat-up jukebox you found in a pawn shop."

"stunning musical arrangements. 3/4 stars."
- Maverick UK

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