Rapper/producer Phakt was born in Washington, D.C., during the beginning of the Reagan era. Born to a Canadian mother, the young poet chose to migrate to New Brunswick, Canada, on the cusp of his teen years. Phakt would play a key role in pioneering the New Brunswick hip-hop scene during a time, pre-social media, when urban music had neither reached its apex nor been socially accepted. After making a name for himself with his group Ill-Logic (consisting of 6 emcees and 3 DJs), he would eventually venture

out to pursue solo endeavors, including creating his own legacy in the freestyle battle circuit. Phakt's long string of victories prompted long-time collaborator, DJ Loc Dog, to bring him to Halifax's DJ Olympics, where he would secure 3 consecutive victories. There, he would meet the owner of CTG Records, with whom Phakt would endure a three-year run. The "Arts & Crafts" album, a collab effort with Phakt's cousin & rhyme partner, Mister Monark, helped to develop his sound, with the assistance of producer/MC Sean One.  Exhibiting his grasp on the many facets of song writing had its rewards as Phakt earned his first award nomination (East Coast Music Award) for his debut solo album "Dropping Inwards" in 2017. Phakt is currently writing, producing, recording, and mixing his future projects from the comfort of his home studio.