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Reade Gauvin

Folk, Indie, Jazz

Reade Gauvin is a jazz/folk singer-songwriter and pianist from Moncton, New Brunswick. She recently graduated from the Music Performance Program at Holland College, and plans to complete her Bachelors by majoring in Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music. Her songwriting style is eclectic, as is her taste in music. In 2021, she worked as a Student Tutor at Holland College, helping 1st year students with Music Theory, and Ear Training. She recently worked as a Music Coordinator at Northwood Care Inc. in Halifax.

Reade is most inspired to create when she has meaningful conversations with those she loves dearly, or those of whom she thinks are intriguing characters. Her audience is captivated by her works, because through her unique perspective of universally human experiences, she can find the words to say something that’s been said a million times in a way it’s never been said before. This is the reason why she was chosen to perform at the Empress theatre in Moncton, as part of Music NB’s “deBut Stage Competition” for young songwriters/performers in 2017. In 2021, she was chosen to receive the Jane Leblanc Legacy Fund Music Award, for her excellence in songwriting. She is in the process of creating her debut single with the help of Colin Fowlie. She continues to write, and will always happily perform, when given the opportunity.