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Ryan Maynard is a Moncton, New Brunswick local born in Montreal, Quebec. His love for recording started at a young age with toy recorders, which developed into a love for pop music and multi-track recording. As a teenager he began seeking out producers from different parts of the world who created a sound that went with his contemporary pop vision and started writing songs.

Always working independently, he quickly became known for his ability to sing and rap with his high-energy performances and crowd engagement, hosting more than a dozen singing competitions in the Moncton, Fredericton & Saint John areas, crowning provincial and maritime-wide winners – many of which were from ten-week live shows that he created.

In 2017 he hosted Slay the Stage which he dubbed the “singing contest thrill-ride” for its unpredictable and exciting twists. One of the prizes offered was the chance to perform at Pride with Ryan, where he performed a one hour show as part of the Pride Concert.

After devoting himself to the aspired success of other local artists while quietly working on his debut studio album, Ryan Maynard’s Welcome to Utopia is finally here. It’s an independent effort completely devoted to the listener – with tons of symbolism and meaning, powerful lyrics and emotional reflection – it’s a contemporary pop album meant to be taken in and experienced from start to finish. With catchy lyrics, airy tones, shimmering highs and a beautiful story, this album creates a unique easy-listening sound that satisfyingly complements the creative energy that was put into it.

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