Anchored by the songwriting of prolific Frederictonian Cedric Noel, Sentimentals features Will Pacey on bass and Cam Corey on drums. The trio of players may seem familiar to you. Individually, they’ve spent time in groups such as Ross Neilsen Band, Pastel Skeleton, Redwood Fields, Dub Antenna, Socially Exceptable and Red Herring, and that long and varied list has fostered an organic musical creativity in this new project. For Sentimentals, Noel found inspiration from bands including Ought, The War on Drugs and Breeders. “Sentimentals is still a fairly new band and I think we’re only beginning to find some sort of direction,” he said. “Our collective rule of thumb is that if we all like it we’ll try it.” After a great debut, including showcases at the New Brunswick Musician’s Emerge Fest and Fredericton’s Shifty Bits, the band is settling down to work on the recording of a debut record.