Short For Arthur

Indie, Rock

When high-school friends; Frontman Jordan Best and Bassist Sean Bampton eventually took their "mom's basement" jams to the next level when they added Guitarist Dylan Bingham followed by Sean's step brother & Drummer Steven Dufour to the mix -- Short For Arthur Was Born.

Years went by of the group gathering and never playing the same song twice when they finally decided to package together some structured material and hit the stage in 2016.  Their music is a unique variation of Rock that is yet to be coined by a sub-genre. Their diverse sound and surprising elements that take you on a roller coaster makes there music stand out. Influenced by a touch of Indie, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Electronic and even a slight bit of hip hop, they also include a hint of their historical improvisational jams both live and in the studio. The Band's long term friendship and chemistry is easily spotted within each song and performance. On stage, they are highly energetic and stimulating which some have described as a "sophisticated circus". Keep an ear out for the band as they continue to expand their sound across airwaves, festivals and venues from the Maritimes to the world!

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