Terry Ferris


Terry Ferris was born in Sussex in 1966 to Winslow and Edith Ferris.

The first musical instrument that Terry picked up was the snare drum and single cymbal, thus gave him the music bug. His mother showed him chords on the guitar, but he was not taught to read music. Edith’s advice was simple. “Just listen and you’ll pick it up.” As a young teenager, Terry entertained at benefits and talent shows, often visiting Hardwood Ridge on Sunday afternoons to sing with Joey Knight and “The Cougars”. He was also a featured guest on the Dick Stacey Jamboree Show at the Fredericton Exhibition. In the early 1980’s, Terry played with various family bands and by 1986 had formed the group “Tennessee Water” with Phil Kennedy on lead, Tommy May on drums, and a variety of bass players that filtered through over the next three (3) years. Terry has shared the stage with many other local and national artists including Joan Kennedy and Chris Cummings.

In 1990, Terry moved to Vancouver for work. When he returned home in 2004, he began playing locally again. In 2011, Terry was instrumental in the formation of the  TNT Classic Country Summer Show and its spinoff in 2013, the Classic Country Christmas Show. Terry is also actively involved with Sussex Crime Stoppers and their annual Country Show. In recognition of his community spirit, Terry’s employer honoured him with the inaugural “Barc Simpson Community Hero Award” in April 2015. Inducted into the Minto Country Music Wall of Fame also in 2015.

Terry added song writing to his talents and recorded his first CD Raised on Country in 2016.