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Known for their sweeping melodies, haunting harmonies, and fiery performances that will stir up even the hardest of hearts, what truly sets THE AVDELLS apart is what they are writing about.

Back in 2014, when finalizing the track list for their first EP (“LOSS”), it became apparent that a character-driven narrative was beginning to take shape; an awareness that would set in motion the band’s primary mission:


Inspired by song writing greats (The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead) as well as master storytellers (J.R.R. Tolkien, George Lucas and Christopher Nolan), it was decided early on that every song they compose will be driven by the following concept:


Having therefore found a way to combine their passion for music and their love of a classic tale, the next few years would see them balancing their time spent on live performances throughout Atlantic Canada, composing new material, and mapping out a saga that showcases a gifted, young writer by the name of THOMAS AVDELL.

Truth be told, this developing story about a writer with a troubled past is what ultimately led this Indie Rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick (formerly known as THE WRITERS) to rebrand themselves in the summer of 2017.

As firm believers in the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach to storytelling, and given the fact that, to date, the story has mostly been told sonically, the band is actively developing visuals (videos, sketches, animation, etc.) that will introduce their story’s characters and the unique world in which they live.

Now 2018, and once again in the midst of recording, the boys are eager to see where the next step of their journey will take them… and their emerging hero!


Matthew Landry Vocals / Bass
Paul Oldfield Drums / Vocals
Mathieu Saulnier Guitar / Omni-chord / Vocals
Mars Savoy Vocals / Guitar

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