The Hollywood STAR ROOM

The Hollywood Star Room is located in Clarks Corner New Brunswick and has just celebrated its second year anniversary in August of 2015. David Ivany and James Ward are the proud owners of the nonprofit house concert venue. They met in Ottawa and have a long history in the food and music industry. Upon returning to New Brunswick, David invested in a canteen which he fondly calls Aunt Leah’s Food to Go after his deceased aunt. After doing small show outside, one of the musicians, Paula Tozer, suggested to Ivany that he turn his living room into a lounge to have musicians come play, in a safe and secure environment. Work began on the extended living room and it was named The Hollywood Star Room, where David and James would hang memorabilia from musicians that signed various albums and guitars for display in the room. Their vision for The Hollywood Star Room is to be a venue about “sharing the love”. A cover at the door is charged for the bands and solo artists that come to play.

The venue does not sell alcohol but welcomes its guests to bring their own beverage as it is a non for profit venue. This unique vision has drawn in many bands including the Good Brothers to its doors, in only two years. The Hollywood Star Room has a five star rating on Facebook, has been covered by CBC New Brunswick, and has hit the front page of the Daily Gleaner. David and James provide their guests with great food and music, and hospitality like no other. Musicians are welcomed to stay at the room for no charge to rest up and they prepare for their next venue on tour. The Hollywood Star Room is not only a new venue, but a new movement, where “Sharing the love” takes on real meaning, and brings a refreshing change to the music scene. It is the little engine that could, overcoming many obstacles to open and keep its doors open. The Hollywood Star Room is there for the community and will continue to be as long as they are able.