TheWE.Music Productions Incorporated

TheWE.Music is a music production company, based out of Moncton New Brunswick, Canada. The main purpose of starting this company was to establish a hub for creating world class music, as well as helping to establishing a strong music scene in Moncton.

TheWE.Music’s goal is to create a hit factory: A creative hive that collaborates and makes quality, world class music that appeals to the masses.

From song writing, to composition, arranging, producing, to the recording process tracking to mastering, TheWE.Music’s goal is to become one of the top production houses in the world.

TheWE.Music is poised to take it to the next level by producing top notch beats and finding fresh local talent to complement those beats. These beats are dramatic and cinematic in composition. Each telling a story on their own instrumentally as well as coupled with lyrics that add to the songs theme making them PERFECT for movie and television placement. The music industry is looking for that next hit maker from Canada. TheWE.Music wants to be a strong contender for that title.

By picking the right talent, collaborating with the right artists and musicians and partnering with the right companies TheWE.Music team can accomplish these goals and so much more!