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Within Harms Reach

Metal, Punk, Rock

What happens when progressive rock, pop punk, and pop music hooks get into a knife fight? Within Harms Reach, an exciting four-piece band from the port city of Saint John NB. Starting out as an experimental project that included the wizard of the band and lead guitarist Jon Shea and the poetically gifted and powerful lead signer Colin Shonaman. Seeing the potential of the project they actively searched for members to round out their sound, however the right fit didn't come along until the drummer Jordan Larsen snuck into the group with his hard hitting hands. That left the low end rumble to find.. enter Shawn Daigle the master of the low end. Taking a different approach to playing music the boys decided to focus on perfecting their sound by being overly meticulous in the recording studio to ensure a superior product. Slow rolling their jams on streaming services to help build hype to their upcoming debut album Overcome which released January 15th 2020. The bands lyrical message focuses on realities we all have faced at one time in our lives, be it perfect summer days, being unable to vocalize complicated emotions, or being trapped in a less than perfect relationship. Their songs are meant to strike a chord with listeners of all genres of music and to resonate with people from all walks of life.