Resources for BIPOC Artists


Advance Music | Driven by the heart, soul and sounds of Black voices across Canada’s music entertainment industry, ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, is leading the change in developing an infrastructure for the betterment, upliftment and retention of Black people in the music business.

Alliance for Equity in the Music Industry | National, non-profit organization that advocate for reform and change in the institutions of policy, governance and funding that support the Canadian music industry. Founded and guided by music industry members, AEMI supports historically disadvantaged, equity-seeking communities including those who are racialized, Indigenous, gender non-conforming, women, and People with Disabilities, by amplifying and holding space for their voices and works, by sharing knowledge, research and analysis, and by encouraging public and industry discourse.

LIL SIS | Youth Artist Ressource Centre located in Toronto. They host a directory of Black performing artists, producers, instrumentalists, recording engineers and more.

New Brunswick Black Artists Alliance | A professional artist association seeking to develop Black New Brunswick creative artists



Music Nova Scotia's Artistic Creation Program | The Artistic Creation Program of the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program offers a $1,250.00 investment toward the creation and marketing of musical and audio-visual artistic creations, including but not limited to recordings, performance videos, & music videos. The Artistic Creation Program is only available to applicants who identify as BIPOC and who have never previously received funding from Music Nova Scotia