M • C • M

Music•Musique NB (MNB) brought back the M•C•M (MUSIC · CAREER · MENTORSHIP) program in 2020! This program focuses on the development of emerging music industry professionals (booking agents, managers, etc.) in New Brunswick. The program runs from May 2020 to May 2021 with the objective of giving the participating emerging pros the resources they need to develop their music industry knowledge and skills with the intention of working in NB. During the course of the program, each emerging pro is paired up with an emerging artist from NB, helping them with business and administration related tasks. The program is divided into six different modules with different mentors for each module.


  1. Music Industry 101
    This introduction module covers the basics of the provincial and national music industry by giving an overview of the fundamental elements as well as important definitions. It provides a higher level of comprehension regarding the music industry and serves as a good foundation to start the program.
  2. Business & Marketing Plan Development
    The Business & Marketing Plan module consists of learning how to create and work with business and marketing plans. The participants will create their own business plans with the guidance of the mentor. After developing their own business plan, the mentees will work with their artists to develop a marketing plan for a project (ex.: for an EP or music video launch). 
  3. Funding & Showcase Application Writing
    Grantwritting and applying for showcasing is an art in itself. Through hands on mentorship and great #protips, the emerging pros will learn how to optimize their chances when applying for funding and showcasing opportunities.
  4. Releasing Content & Digital Marketing
    This module is divided in two components: Releasing Content and Digital Marketing. Both these elements are crucial to develop a successful music career. The Releasing Content component will cover the life cycle of a new album, EP or single. In the Digital Marketing component, the emerging pros will learn how to manage a digital campaign properly and optimize the artist’s social media and other platforms.
  5. Booking, Contracts & Legal 
    This module is divided in two components: bookings and legal. The booking section will cover best practices in tour management, the logistics surrounding touring and the negotiation process. In the legal component, participants will get the chance to learn about the essential elements of an agreement or contract and other legal aspects to consider while working in the music industry. 
  6. Royalties & Intellectual Property 
    This module covers everything on royalties & intellectual property. The emerging pros will learn the specifics of the different revenue streams and the roles of all the different royalty management organizations. 


  • For the New Brunswick emerging pro to establish and develop their music business.
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills through mentorship and a “hands on” approach working with an emerging artist.
  • Develop and increase the capacity and knowledge of the NB music industry
  • Encourage and foster New Brunswick music businesses and startups.
  • Supporting and fostering emerging artists

 PROGRAM OFFICER: Dominique Tremblay (education@musicnb.org)